Saturday, 25 April 2015

Upping Your Brow Game

Brows are quickly becoming the thing. Gone are the days where thin brows are what we lust over, now-a-days we all want the full, bushy, fresh and natural looking brow. And I can understand why, it's a look I've always favored, and after resisting the urge to over pluck my brows in my early-mid teens, when the trend presented itself, a little tidy up was all I really needed. I know that some people go to extensive lengths with their brows, but I honestly just pluck a few stray hairs and leave them; the point of natural brows is that they're actually natural, right? Having said that, I do fill them in, and I thought I would share a few great ways to really up your brow game!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Simple Ways To Look Fab In Glasses

I've struggled with wearing glasses since I was 12, I resented wearing them and for a long time, refused. As I've grown up a little however, I don't mind rocking them, especially not that I've figured out how I can wear glasses, and not look like a complete "speck-y four eyes". Yep, the words all glasses wearers hate. There are so many makeup tips and tricks out there, but I think that any one who wears glasses have their own rules to go by, hopefully this post will address a couple of them! 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

A Few Payday Treats | Urban Decay Haul

I wait an entire month for one specific date, and by the time it comes around, i'm already poor again. Unfortunately I had a lot of "grown up" things to spend my wage on this month, my phone bill, new glasses, ect ect, which meant I couldn't go on quite the spree I had been hoping for. I did however call into my local Urban Decay with my mum in order to help her pick out a lipstick. While yes, I did help her make a couple of purchases and therefore did do what I originally set out to do, I also ended up browsing the stands for myself, and well... we both know where this is going.
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